Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Letter to my heart

Dear heart,

I’ve misled you, over and again,

Too many times did I give you away…too easily…

And too many times did I get you back, battered and bruised…

Hurt and longing for the real thing.

A real love that brings joy instead of pain,

A love that’s honest, instead of deceitful,

A love that will fight for you instead of letting you go whenever any little thing comes up.

I would like to say it won’t happen again but that’s something I can’t promise…

But I will promise to be more careful, to keep you guarded and safe, to make sure it’s real and that it’s worth it…

For now, you rest.

And my mind is what I’ll rely on…it’s stronger & not as easily fooled.

I’ve heard that love is a bullshit emotion and although you never let me believe it,

I am now a believer.

I apologize to you and hope to never be sorry again.


A mad black woman

If you haven’t seen the movie. Watch it.

If you’ve never felt this way…good for you.

If you have…wake up, stop crying, bump some old school Kelis and do something about it.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kinky Tuesdays: Kinky News

Another busy week, another long Tuesday…

This Kinky Tuesday is strictly for your amusement and to remind you that there is such a thing as too kinky…

Seriously, if the police ever have to get involved, then you might want to rethink some of your kinky activities:

Auto Erotica

Danny Brawner Mug Shot 2009

This bit of news is about a man who (clearly intoxicated) pulled down his pants and humped his car, in front of children. Shame, shame, Shame…afterwards he simply feel asleep making it very easy for the police to find him. Now I’m no scholar in drunked-ness but seriously how drunk and horny do you have to be to actually try to fornicate with your car???/

Dirty Cowboy

Deborah Yvette Parker 2009 Mug Shot

So role playing can be fun and all but this one couple took it too far. While engaging is fore-play with a role playing game the couple named “dirty cowboy” the woman accidentally shot her man with the real gun that they use during foreplay???????? Sadly her man died and she is now being faced with manslaughter… It sucks that she just lost her boo and she might have to go to jail too…Word to the wise, if you are going to PLAY use TOYS not actual props that can kill you.

Overprotective Mother

Deborah Lee Towe 2009 Mug Shot

So this one made me scratch my head… this woman, a mother, was arrested for having sex with her 15 yr old daughter’s friends in her house, a playground and a Wal-mart parking lot, as a means of protecting her daughter from her friends sexual desires.

Yes, She diddled the little minors so that they wouldn’t feel the urge to diddle her daughter… I mean that makes sense. Right?

So hopefully all the readers of this blog know the difference between kinky and CRAZY.

Even Simba is ashamed for these people...smh

Happy Tuesday

Click the titles to visit the actual site where I found the info!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kinky Tuesdays: Kinky Nicki

Okay, I get it let me think, I guess it’s my turn,

Maybe it’s time to put this pu$$y on your side burns

- Nicki Minaj

So no it’s not a typo, she is trying to put her pussy on someone’s sideburns,

& if you’re confused good. You should be.

Nicki Minaj’s “unique” voice and “interesting” lyrics have led to an increase in her popularity

And I dedicate this Kinky Tuesday to her and her kinky yet confusing lyrics.

So fellas,

It’s Tuesday, it’s been a long day

Your girl comes home all tired and in need of some TLC

What do you do?

Prepare a nice bath for her; allow her to soak all her troubles away as you softly bathe her.

After the bath, let her dry off as you make your way to the bedroom,

Lie down on the bed; turn your head to the side

And let her put her pu$$y on your sideburns.

Now assuming you don’t have a pull out tongue or massager in your sideburns,

Go ahead and turn your head, until your tongue finds her “softspot”you know what to do from there.

Now ladies, don’t be stingy I mean if he let’s you get the sideburns

Can you let him get the forehead

I mean you could both share the bath and then get into Kinky Nicki formation:

Pussy on sideburns and dick on forehead.

Or you could skip the foolishness and jump right into 69

But who knows, it might feel better on the sideburns,

Why else would she rap about it?

Happy Tuesday

If you haven’t heard the track, here it is: Bedrock- Young Money ft Lloyd


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kinky [Thursday]?

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s Thursday but why should Tuesday have all the fun?

I decided Thursday can also use some spicing up…

So in order to initiate this day into the Kinky series,

I’ve came up with a rather fitting dare.

These past few weeks have been quite stressful for the LVSXMUSIC staff (hence the lack of content)

But I’ m sure we’re not the only ones feeling the pressure, and I’ve found that when the brain is focused on school (as it should be), the sexual organs are put on hold (as they should be???)

Either way, I’ve come with the perfect solution to this dilemma:

Instead of studying or doing homework alone, do it with your boo-boo.

Let him remove his bottom pieces of clothing and sit down in a chair (by a desk) you can remove yours bottoms as well,

& assuming the dicky is hard-y,

You simply sit on top (of the dicky)

Then pass your man his book (he can only do his reading homework)

But you can read, write or anything else you need to do…

How long do you think you can “study” in this manner without having sex…

And some of you might be thinking that it’s sex since the dicky is in the kitty but since there will be no sexual movement we’ll call it extreme sitting, not Sex…

So dare to find out which of you has the strongest will power,

The first person to give in and initiate actual sex-ing:

Has to get on their knees

Happy Studies!

And we are really trying our hardest to make find time for posts…. Don’t’ give up on us.

We really appreciate our readers.